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Why it makes sense to get into Usenet?

Nowadays you can stream almost anything from movies to music. But to get subscriptions with all the streaming services out there to get all the content you want is pretty expensive. Some people go filehoster or torrents. Torrents are risky and a bit of work to stay into private trackers and keep your ratio up. Filehosters are limited in daily download capacity and more expensive then usenet. Usenet brings you the advantage of not uploading anything, not being tracked while downloading, the best download speeds and awesome automation features. All this at a relatively small price. You need one or two paid nzb indexer accounts (each 10 bucks a year) and your usenet provider subscription (around 5 to 10 USD/month). So with a yearly price tag less than 80 USD you get all the content you can imagine.

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nzbWolf - reopened 2023

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Naughty Blog

Download porn from file hosters like keep2share,, rapidgator and openload. - Great porn database and API is a porn database combined with scene releases from usenet, filehosts and torrents. You can directly download nzb files from (nzbporn provides these files) or you can access other well known nzb indexers (if you have an account with them). The charm is you get a lot of porn preview material (even short videos) that other usenet sources do not offer. The service is currently free and even ad-free. As with every indexer you have to register to use the service.

nzbhydra (Closed)

This site offered many porn nzb files with lots of preview images - no other nzb indexers (accept kleverig which is a forum-based approach) comes close to that many preview image coverage for porn content. Grab nzb files from

kleverig (closed)

kleverig is a very active forum community dedicated exclusively to adult content that can be found on usenet. They have spotters and search for content on usenet. It is not an indexers but a forum with nzb files and lots of preview material. The site has recently been closed for new registrations. They have and will not do any kind of invite system. So you need an account from the past to get in there. If you ask yourself how to get invites to kleverig: not going to happen.